Upper East Side

Create more space with Temporary Walls


The idea of installing temporary walls is relatively new and comes with its own array of benefits. It is less costly than a permanent wall and can be installed at a much lower rate. It can be an easy solution to privacy problems. Two roommates sharing a single room can decide to install a temporary wall to get privacy. Temporary walls in Upper East Side also help in making the best use of space in a single room. Suppose you have guests coming over but you do not have a different room to spare them.


You can simply install a temporary wall in the hall and give them a separate space. This will be cost effective and easy. When the relatives will be gone you will be able to remove the wall as well. Removing the wall will not leave any kind of marks on your floor or the ceiling. Once you remove the wall it will be like it never existed there in the first place. Installing temporary walls can prove to be a lengthy affair and you would need experts for the process. If you are looking for temporary wall company in Upper East Side then you can get in touch with the company 1 Day Wall.