Temporary walls Do you need a convenient solution to divide a room for guests or other activities? Temporary walls, an easy and quick solution, are here to fit into your busy schedule and work as an excellent barrier to create a partial room. You can position these walls in your living room or bedroom, depending on the need of the hour. Easy to configure and installed, the walls are designed in a way that never interrupts the aesthetics or arrangement of the space. The walls could forge a new room that would both suit your lifestyle as well as the economy. Moreover, with customized temporary wall available at 1DayWall, your options for refurbishing the space are boundless, and unique in approach.
Temporary wall company like 1DayWall provides the walls in various sizes and rates depending on the room size and aesthetics. You can expect zero inconveniences while dismantling the wall without the hassle of scratch or other nuisances. If you are in Noho and trying to get your hands on the best company, 1DayWall is here to fill the space with quality products. Sturdy and available in range of colours, the walls will never for once look dull when put in your personal space.