Murray Hill

Temporary walls not only maximize your available space but also enhance the look of your exterior. You just have to find the genuine and trustworthy temporary wall company in Murray Hill. 1 Day Wall is one of the leading companies that are providing a good deal on their services. Temporary walls are the room dividers which divides a room or existing space into sections. Various colours and designs are available that you can pick to meet your demand and choice. We provide training and seminar to our professionals so that they can update and upgrade their skills with changing market scenario. All the team members are skilled, knowledgeable and fully trained in the piece of the task they execute.


1 Day Wall believes in perfection and always put their full effort to give complete satisfaction to their clients. Our list of services includes Temporary Walls, Interior Door Options, Seamless Walls, Custom Closet Options, Freestanding Bookcase Dividers, Wall Partition, Interior Window Options, and Wall Painting. Our exquisite wall painting services add beauty and elegance to your dream home or office. The temporary walls look alike the real walls and construction are also identical.  1 Day Wall takes pride in serving their clients with the highest in standard products and solutions. You are opting for our budget-friendly services at anytime and anywhere.