Midtown East

If you are looking for a professional temporary wall company in and around Midtown East, your search ends right here. With a range of durable walls, now create a flexible partition to carve out a discrete place. These walls split-up a room into two, and you have full liberty to determine the amount of space you need. If you have sudden guests to accommodate or need some space to meditate, try out the partition walls and marvel at the flexibility with which they come. Once erected, the walls are firm and you never need to worry about their foundation. You can enjoy their service as long as you want, and disassemble without damaging your property. Place the wall in a manner so it never obstructs your way around the house. If you have taken the place on rent, the wall would never leave a mark on the ceiling, floor, or sidewalls.
1DayWall is an exemplary company that has top-quality temporary walls to suit your temperament. In case you need an emergency installation, skilled technicians can offer you a thorough service, customized as per your needs. All you need to do is check 1DayWall’s collection to purchase from their recent and replenished collection of walls.