Meatpacking District

1DayWall Meatpacking District is a temporary wall company that swears by reliable and sturdy partition walls. You can expect to put a hole through the wall to pass wires, or simply put up decorative items to increase its aesthetics. The walls have created a reputation in the market for being both cost-effective and pleasant looking, a better option than real walls. Gone are the days you needed brick and mortar to erect a barrier. With these walls, you can shift and create your free space suitably and conveniently. Choose a strategic position to erect the temporary wall, and you are all set to go. If you have to create a separate study space, iron room, or a guest room, your search end here!

At 1DayWall’s gallery, you can surf through the designs and layouts of these walls to pick the appropriate one for yourself. You would never require to mutilate the original symmetry of your building to accommodate the wall. As a temporary solution, these temporary walls are adequate. Easy to dismantle and set up, they perfectly fit into modern and hectic lifestyle. Customers at 1DayWall have always been satisfied with the quality and style of the products available here.