Lenox Hill

Temporary Walls are here to give you room


Temporary walls can be your solution to an issue of privacy. Your family might have a large number of members and you do not have separate room for each of them. This might lead to a discomfort among the people living in the house. An easy way to solve such a problem is to go for temporary walls in Lenox Hill. The temporary walls will help you to separate a room and give people living in that room privacy. A single room can be divided into two parts with the help of a temporary wall. Building a permanent wall in the middle of a room might not be a very good idea.


You might later want to remove the wall but will find it difficult as it is a permanent thing. You will have to break the wall in order to remove it and the process will be quite daunting and disturbing. A temporary wall on the other hand can be removed easily and it does not leave any stain when it is removed. If you are looking for temporary wall company in Lenox Hill then you can get in touch with 1 Day Wall. The company has a group of professionals who will install the walls.