Kips Bay

Every office of today demands a special design that can easily accommodate its necessary specifications. Office spaces should be designed strategically to have the effective and maximum use of minimum space. Temporary walls can provide the best solution as it is the best partitioning options available today. It can be easily put up without any type of hassles and can be conveniently relocated with our skilled team. 1Day Wall is your solution for best professional-looking temporary walls for office. Our walls are comparatively much cheaper than the constructed fixed walls and you can give your employees their workspace with add-on privacy. Different types of temporary walls that can be used today depending on your requirements and budget. We can also help you to create your man-cave by utilizing the space of an unused room. Just have a good quality temporary wall from us to create the look and feel. Selecting a big room and adding an interior temporary wall can separate this larger room into a multi-a function room. Our team is ready to serve at your home in Kips Bay at a very reasonable price. You can get skilled and highly-professional service by experts. To get more details and free consultation, you can visit our temporary wall company too.