Divide your single room with Temporary Walls


Temporary walls in Chinatown is a new solution to the problems of having privacy in a single room. If a house does not have enough rooms in accordance to its members then one can opt to use temporary walls in various rooms to create rooms within rooms. A temporary wall will create two separate portions in a single room where to people will be able to live with their privacy maintained. Technically they will be sharing a room but their privacies will not be compromised because of the temporary wall.


Building a permanent wall inside a room is not a very good idea as later the wall might need to be removed. However, then the only way of removing it will be breaking it and it will hamper the setting of the room as well as of the house. The floor and the ceiling will be affected badly. However, with temporary walls there is no such tension. Once the wall has served its purpose one can remove it without much hassle. It will not even leave any mark of its existence on the floor or the ceiling. If you are looking for temporary wall company in Chinatown then you can get in touch with 1 Day wall.