Central Park West

Ornamentation of your room is not always a desire but a necessity too. You can make your room beautiful while utilizing the space with the help of our unique collection of temporary walls. 1Day Wall is different from others because we believe in craftsmanship and our designing team is enriched with truly skilled persons. They are experienced and creative both so that they can complete the complete task of temporary wall installation beautifully, without damaging your property. We don’t make a big deal of time from you because we know how much busy you are. Our process is not much time consuming but very much budget-friendly. For the requirements of different clients, we have various options for temporary walls, made of different materials. Our team is ready to serve you at Central Park West. At your office or home, you can efficiently install the temporary wall. We install, repair and maintain the temporary wall. You can visit our temporary wall company to select the wall you like and can choose the size that suits the size of the room. We also remove the wall when you are moving one place to another or we don’t need the privacy.