Beekman Place

Have you ever wished for a temporary barrier that would never cost you havoc or push you to change to a bigger apartment? Temporary walls are here to blend into your space and serve the function of an excellent divider between two rooms. Whether office space, or your rented studio, the walls can fit in anywhere. The aesthetics and elegance of these walls are worthy of your appreciation. 1DayWall Beekman Place has a commendable assortment of designs that would equip you with a sturdy barrier for the years. Better than a real wall, the entire arrange of setting up a wall lasts a couple of hours. However, you are specifically required to choose a portion that would provide you the maximum usable space. Choose from different colours and layout according to your budget.

As a temporary wall company, 1DayWall has always maintained that their products are not too tawdry or expensive. You can always depend on the quality of walls and treat the walls just like you would treat a real wall. If needed, you clean the walls with disinfectant and finally dismantle them without hassles. Consult a skilled technician while doing so to make sure you do not receive any minor injury!