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Temporary Walls are room dividers that partition a room into sections. The temporary walls appear to be real walls.

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Wall Partitions are temporary walls that use pressure instead of nails, screws, or adhesives to stay in place.



Freestanding Bookcase Dividers are designed to create an additional room using custom-sized bookcase units to partition a space.

About Us

1daywall is a temporary wall company that specializes in maximizing living and office space by providing temporary walls, freestanding bookcase dividers, and wall partition that convert one room into two. We understand that living and working in NYC can be expensive, and therefore we will work our hardest to keep costs down and within your budget.

We can affordably create an additional private space for a nursery, roommate share, spare bedroom, library or home office without the expensive and time consuming hassle of applying for a change in the certificate of occupancy for condominium or apartment owners in the New York City area. A temporary wall allows you to enjoy the privacy a “real” wall brings, without stretching your budget. Non-damaging, temporary walls means that landlords remain happy. After the temporary wall is removed by us, there will be no sign that a wall or room partition was fastened anywhere.

These temporary walls are installed by seasoned professionals in any shape from a simple straight wall partition to the more complex Z shape, ultimately creating more living or office space. Our temporary walls usually take several hours to install and are designed to be easily removed without any permanent damage to your existing walls, floors or ceilings. That’s how we keep landlords content and save you time and money.